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Ingenia to supply transport technology for a new galvanising plant in Turkey


Ingenia to supply transport technology for a new galvanising plant in Turkey

Ingenia to supply transport technology for a new galvanising plant in Turkey
April 27
10:38 2016

The beginning of April 2016 saw the start of construction work on the new Mizrak Metal galvanising plant in Ankara. This has a hall area of over 6,000 m2 and Ingenia, the Linz-based specialist for the construction of hot dip galvanising and special plants, has secured an order for the delivery of important crane and material logistics components. The new plant should be completed by October and become operational in November.

According to Philipp Roth, the Ingenia Sales Director: “ Faruk Tugcu, the client and owner of the Turkish Tugcular development company intends that Mizrak Metal will initially hot dip galvanise around 40,000t of bulk goods and small parts annually, and that in five years this figure should rise to 80,000t.”

ING_Delegation_Tuerkei_Auftrag_Mizrak_opt_002With a hall area in excess of 6,000 m2 the new plant will be one of the largest hot dip galvanising facilities in Turkey. Construction work has been under way since the beginning of April under the auspices of the Probe Muhendislik engineering office from Ankara. The client is the Turkish real estate and property development company Tugcular, and the local surface treatment specialist, Eksas, is supplying project coordination. The brand leader is providing both the hot dip and the pre-treatment technology, which in line with the state-of-the-art will be entirely encapsulated. As a result of this measure, virtually no gaseous emissions will escape into the atmosphere, but instead will be immediately siphoned off and fed to a high-tech, exhaust air scrubber. This concept corresponds with the European directives for exhaust air emissions and flue gases, as well as the strictest environmental protection Standards.

The British company Hasco Thermic is to supply the 13m-long galvanising furnace and the control software for the partially automated working processes, while the high-performance components for the crane systems are to come from Ingenia. These will include travel units and the patented claw and toggle load lifting system, as well as enormously robust chain hoists, which have been specially developed for galvanising plants.

However, the really special feature of this plant is a monorail loop on the galvanising furnace, or in other words, a ring track with travel units capable of taking curves. As a rule, these go backwards and forwards on the rails, but in the case of Mizrak Metal materials will be transported to and from the furnace more quickly using the closed circular rail link.

Patentiertes Hebesystem: Klöppel und Kralle

The Ingenia-patented claw and toggle load lifting system.

An excellent reputation on the Bosporus.
The engineering specialists from Linz have been planning and installing complete plants in Turkey since 2001, as well as supplying key components in the crane and lifting technology areas, as well as for material logistics. Ingenia has already five Turkish hot dip galvanising plants on its reference list, which already contains sixty facilities worldwide.



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