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Kenzo appoints Geodis to handle its global logistics

Kenzo appoints Geodis to handle its global logistics

Kenzo appoints Geodis to handle its global logistics
April 20
08:09 2017

Geodis is stepping up its growth in the retail fashion sector as proven by a new partnership with Kenzo, the luxury prêt-à-porter company owned by the LVMH group. Through the recently agreed five-year partnership, Kenzo will be able to pursue its growth plans by taking advantage of the specialist expertise of Geodis in retail fashion. With a dedicated team of 70, the logistics provider is responsible for the reception, storage and preparation of the fashion brand’s clothes, leather goods, shoes and accessories.

Geodis’ logistics campus to the south of Paris, a secure site with storage and preparation facilities especially adapted to folded and hanging garments was selected to centralize these operations. Geodis is also supporting Kenzo in the development of its e-commerce sales channel by preparing and fulfilling orders. In addition Kenzo is outsourcing specific services such as the management of raw materials, quality control and ensuring all its products meet regulatory compliance standards.

Commenting on the business relationship, David Perruche, Logistics Director at Kenzo, says: “It is the ability of Geodis to support Kenzo in its international growth and both the modularity and flexibility of its technical and commercial offering that caught our attention”.

Neil Bird, Vertical Market Director for Retail and Luxury at Geodis adds: “We already work with other LVMH brands and this new contract strengthens our partnership with the group at a global level. We are acting as their growth partner”.

Geodis, owned by SNCF Logistics, which in turn is a business line of the SNCF Group, is ranked as the number four logistics provider in Europe and number seven at a worldwide level. Its reach includes a direct presence in 67 countries and a global network spanning over 120 countries. With its five Lines of Business (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport), Geodis manages its customers’ supply chain by providing end to end solutions enabled by over 39,500 employees, its infrastructure, its processes and systems. In 2016, Geodis recorded EUR 8 billion in sales.




Source: oevz.com/en


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