Amazon employees plan more strikes over ‘insulting’ 50p pay rise

Already striking Amazon employees in the UK are planning further industrial action after the retailer offered them an ‘insulting’ 50p-an-hour increase on their base pay.

On Wednesday, the retail giant announced it would be increasing the minimum starting pay of its workforce by 50p, to between £11-£12 an hour from April.

However, employees dismissed the rise as the continue to lobby for a £15 minimum starting wage.

The new wave of strikes follow on from strike action which happened earlier this month.

Amanda Gearing, Senior Organiser at the GMB union said: “We’re listening to Amazon workers and the message is very clear: this new pay rate is an insult.”

“So, in response, we will be consulting over the next few days and announcing a new wave of action.”

Amazon, which has more than 30 warehouses in the UK, said: “We regularly review our pay to ensure we offer competitive wages, and we’re pleased to be announcing another increase for our UK operations teams.”

The fresh wave of strikes follow the news that Amazon is firing 9,00 more of its employees after laying off 18,000 in January.


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