ASOS appoints Maersk as strategic global logistics partner

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Global fashion retailer ASOS this week announced its appointment of Maersk as the company’s strategic logistics partner for global supply chain management.

In the past financial year, almost 100 million orders were handled across ASOS’ four fulfilment centres. The company operates two in the UK, one in Germany, and one in the USA.

Gary Jeffreys, Maersk’s Area Managing Director for UK and Ireland said: “We are very proud to support ASOS’ global operations and growth ambitions. We first started working with ASOS during the pandemic, when we were able to support the business in a challenging market. This new strategic partnership is a testament to the strength of the relationship we built during that period”

Jeffreys believes that Maersk can provide ASOS “with the needed agility, speed, and resilience in its supply chain” because of the distributor “owning and controlling the assets along the transport chain from factory to fulfilment centres”.

This announcement comes as Maersk makes big changes to its structure and operations, planning to end its 2M alliance with MSC and with reports claiming it plans to consolidate subsidiaries Hamburg SÜD and Sealand under the Maersk name.


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