AutoStore wows at IntraLogisteX 2023

Michelle Mooney spoke to James Smith, Regional Director Autostore at the IntraLogisteX exhibition.

Smith said: ‘We’re here live, showcasing the AutoStore system which redefines warehouse space, disrupts the market place, and takes existing warehouse space and making it much more efficient.’

Can the system be implemented quickly?

It’s super super fast, depending on what the total solution looks like, the implementation can be as fast as five to six months’

Can you give us a few examples of some of your customers?

We have a wide spectrum of customers, today, globally, we’ve had 1150 installations running all the way from e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, aerospace, you name it and we’ve got it.’

One of the biggest clients in the UK AutoStore has is ASDA, which has been working with AutoStore for twelve years.

Have you had any interesting visitors today?

‘Yeah, so first of all, it’s been very very busy, every single one of us is desperate for a drink because we’ve been talking so much! We’ve seen a lot of interesting people, and particularly smaller businesses where we’ve spoken to the actual owner. We’ve also spoken to huge PLCs.

We’re feeling quite positive about the next day and a half of the show!’


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