BIFA urges members to join post-Brexit HMRC customs agents list

The British International Freight Association calling for its members to join an HMRC list of customs agents and parcel couriers for customs declarations.

With the transition period for the European Union ending on 31 December 2020, BIFA said that the list was required to overcome unnecessary disruption during trade talks next year.

Robert Keen, director general at BIFA, said: “Because the UK has left the EU, and whatever the outcome of the transition negotiations in regards to a trade deal, there will be a considerable increase in customs declarations from January 1, 2021.

“Rather than do the work themselves, many importers and exporters rely on freight forwarders, which have the appropriate experience, as well as software to communicate with HMRC’s systems, to manage the customs clearance of their commodities.

“Many of those importers and exporters will be using the government list for reference and that’s why we are encouraging BIFA’s members, which offer customs brokerage services, to ensure that their company is on it.”

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