Dexory launches new digital twin platform and tallest robot yet

London-based robotics and data intelligence company Dexory has today [31 January] launched its new logistics solution, DexoryView, alongside a new robot – the tallest of its kind to date.

The company, formerly known as BotsAndUs, claims that DexoryView ‘will change the way that warehouses are managed through the power of real-time data’.

The platform ‘automates data collection and builds realtime digital twins’, increasing visibility and giving companies greater access to their inventories and data that can be used to improve efficiency.

Dexory Chief Executive Andrei Danescu said: “The DexoryView platform offers a real-time representation of the state of your warehouse via an intuitive, easy-to-access digital format.”

This includes real-time data on goods, machinery, and staff within a warehouse.

He continued: “What makes the DexoryView platform unique is the way we constantly feed it with real-time information captured from warehouses through our autonomous robots.”

Launched alongside the platform, Dexory’s latest robot uses 3D cameras and sensors to scan warehouses of all different sizes. Extending up to 12m, it is capable of capturing 3D scans of warehouses, including labels and barcodes that appear on pallets, parcels, and products.

The scans are used to automatically create ‘accurate, real-time digital models of the status and condition of warehouse racks’ to form digital twins through DexoryView.

As Dexory Chief Operating Officer Oana Jinga notes: “It requires no infrastructure changes and can often be up and running in less than a week”.

Dexory (Stand i1206) will be at IntraLogisteX on 28-29 March 2023 at the NEC Birmingham. For more information, visit



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