DHL Supply Chain to invest €500million in India over the next five years

DHL has pledged to invest €500million in its warehousing, workforce, and sustainability initiatives in India over the next five years.

Through the investment, the company will own and operate wholly-owned large multi-client sites in India, adding twelve million ft2 of warehousing space to its existing portfolio.

The added warehouse capacity will help to grow sectors such as e-commerce, retail, life sciences, technology, consumer, engineering, and manufacturing.

These warehouses will be enabled with accelerated digital technology solutions including assisted picking robots, indoor robotic transport, intelligent process automation, wearable devices, voice picking, inventory management robots and algorithmic optimisations. 

“Despite the current, economic and geopolitical uncertainties in the world, we see enormous growth potential in the Asia Pacific region, with India making a significant contribution,” said Oscar de Bok, CEO, DHL Supply Chain. 

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