DP World ‘at the forefront’ of sustainable logistics efforts across Europe

According to DP World, innovation holds the key to reducing emissions and creating a more sustainable trade and logistics industry in Europe.

The company operates 20 terminals across 12 countries in Europe, all of which are at different stages in their respective missions to become more sustainable.

And of its European terminals, DP World’s Rotterdam World Gateway, which is located in the Netherlands, is fully electric and on its way to becoming the first carbon ‘neutral’ container terminal in the world.

The terminal, which has a number of new and existing ‘green’ innovations and technologies, including 84 electric lift AGVs that operate on more sustainable electricity, and 18 state-of-the-art cranes that capture and regenerate their own energy.

The use of plastic and other oil-based packaging materials at the terminal has also been cut back and all of its waste products can now be fully recycled.

In addition, RWG is also the first deep-sea terminal that is ‘LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) ready’, and is capable of loading and unloading containers whilst the vessel is refuelling.

Rashid Abdulla, CEO, DP World – Europe and Russia, CEO: “We are absolutely committed to doing all we can to help not only our own operations, but also our supply chain partners and customers, reduce their carbon [emissions].

“It is no secret that the industry must come together to make genuine and impactful sustainable changes as we look to achieve as a sector in supporting the net zero emission commitments made in the Paris agreement.”

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