DPD City Hub in Linz provides environmentally friendly parcel logistics

DPD Austria celebrates the second anniversary of its City Hub in Linz. Since the start of operation they handled approximately 140,000 parcels using E-Sprinters and cargo bikes. “This way of environmentally friendly parcel delivery saves about 18.4 tonnes of CO2 emmissions”, tells a press release by Austria’s leading private parcel company.

Apart from that, about 14,000 parcels per year are stored at the City Hub Linz, or diverted to this location by the recipients, respectively. More than 3,000 parcels per year are delivered from this City Hub. More DPD City Hubs are located in Vienna and Salzburg.

Founded in 1988 as APS-Austria Paket System, today DPD Austria uses the logistics infrastructure of its shareholders (Gebrüder Weiss, Lagermax and Schachinger) for national and international parcel distribution. Across Austria about 1,700 people are working for the parcel service. The company operates a fleet of 1,200 vehicles, which carried more than 50 million parcels in 2018. The DPD Pickup Parcel Shop Network covers currently more than 1,400 parcel pick up and collection points throughout Austria.


Source: oevz.com/en

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