In a scathing criticism, Andrew Baxter, CEO of Europa Worldwide said: “I am appalled by the way the RHA has conducted itself over recent years. It is no longer an adequate representative organisation for the UK road haulage industry.”

“The RHA has destroyed its productive relationship with the government by repeatedly leaking information from confidential meetings, as well as sharing a private voicemail from the Transport Secretary with Panorama. How does it expect to have a constructive or collaborative relationship with government when it conducts itself in this way?”

He went on to claim the the RHA had “undermined preparations for Brexit” by telling hauliers that they could not prepare despite the “vast majority” of what was needed, had been made “clear”.

He then called for RHA’s Chief Executive, Richard Burnett to resign: “In order to make way for new leadership who can rebuild links with the government.”

“If or when these changes take place, we will be happy to reconsider our membership of the RHA,” he added.”