FourKites and Sony partner to improve visibility and tracking of cargo in supply chains

Supply chain visibility company FourKites has partnered with Sony Network Communications Europe to provide customers with enhanced tracking and real-time data on the progress of cargo being distributed.

Data from Sony’s real-time cargo and asset tracking solution, Visilion, will be integrated with FourKites’ end-to-end supply chain visibility platform to assist customers in solving complex use cases.

FourKites will offer data on shipments being stored or transported in real-time while the Visilion system will provide information on the cargo’s location and condition. The pair expect that this combination of software will provide increasingly accurate estimated times of arrival (ETA) and better experiences for end-customers.

The company also believes that these insights will best inform organisations how to make decisions when dealing with disruptions that are unfortunately common in the world of modern logistics, such as port congestion, transport worker strikes, and the impact of global conflict.

Nimesh Patel, Vice President of Global Alliances and Partnerships at FourKites, said: “Businesses today require more high-quality, real-time supply chain data.”

This is something Patel feels the company’s partnership with Sony can offer, as he says: “The Visilion solution from Sony provides an extra layer of granular data about the contents of containers and status of sensitive and/or temperature-controlled shipments. Our partnership will ensure that this data becomes more accessible than ever to businesses around the world.”

This sentiment is shared by Erik Lund, Head of the Tracking Division at Sony Network Communications Europe, who added: “We look forward to working together [with FourKites]to provide our mutual customers with integrated supply chain data to fuel better decision-making and, ultimately, more efficient supply chain operations — in Europe and around the world.”


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