Gebrüder Weiss remains a global “job motor”

The transport and logistics enterprise Gebrüder Weiss reports a 5.6 per cent increase in the number of employees for the previous fiscal year, to 6,478 full-time equivalents (reporting date 30 September 2016). This increase was the result of the ongoing expansion of existing branches in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the setting up of new branches in Asia and North America. The newest Gebrüder Weiss branches to join the 150-strong network of sites are located in Georgia, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The company has also been bolstered by offices operated by subsidiary inet-logistics in the USA.

Over the past ten years, about 2,500 new jobs have been created around the world. The majority of these are in Romania, with 483 new positions being created (total for Romania in 2016: 560), followed by Germany with 388 (555), Austria with 356 (3,050) and China with 299 (449). The land transport and logistics solutions areas have welcomed 1,420 new employees, which accounts for the majority of the positions (2016: 4,573). A total of 654 new employees joined the Air & Sea division (1,024), with a further 58 being added to the courier, express and parcel service (300). The number of IT employees rose by 62.5 per cent to 169 (2006: 104).

The subsidiary companies increased their ranks as follows: 88 new employees at inet-logistics (2016: 130), 12 at dicall (38) and four at xvise (12). The company is currently training 211 apprentices to be freight forwarders, operational logistics specialists, IT specialists and professional drivers at its locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

With around 6,500 employees, 150 company-owned locations and a turnover of EUR 1.28 billion in 2015, Gebrüder Weiss ranks among the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe.


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