GXO Logistics, a contract logistics provider, has announced plans to deploy the most robotics solutions in a single quarter of the company’s history, ahead of an anticipated rush during the holiday season.

By the end of the year, GXO has said it plans to implement approximately 7,600 pieces of technology in customer sites around the globe, including cobots and robots, vision scanners, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and goods-to-person robots. This, it claims, is a 50% increase compared to this time last year.

“GXO is deploying more automation and robotics than ever because the benefits they deliver are game-changing for our customers and our team members,” said Sandeep Sakharkar, Chief Information Officer at GXO.

“The technology we’re deploying makes warehouse operations safer, more productive, more efficient and, in a time of high inflation, more cost-effective while upskilling the workforce.”

What’s more, the logistics provider claims to be using the technology — from machines that reduce waste by tailoring cardboard packaging to sophisticated software for optimising inventory — to support its customers’ environmental ambitions.

As part of its commitment to technology and automation, GXO reported that it recently partnered with Sente Foundry, a Chicago-based venture capital firm focused on innovative technology startups, as well as signing an exclusive multi-year agreement with 6 River Systems – an exhibitor at Intralogistex 2023, which will be co-located with Robotics and Automation 2023 – to expand its cobot supply.

Quelle: logisticsmanager.com