Locus Robotics doubles picking average for 2022 holiday period

Locus Robotics has today [14 December] announced that its robots have picked over 230 million units on behalf of its retail and logistics customers during the 2022 peak holiday shopping season. This is more than double the total number of units picked in 2021.

On average, LocusBots picked 3.3 million units per day during this period of 2022, another figure that has doubled when compared with the previous year. This is indicative of the company’s growth as well as the increased demand for robotics and automation in warehouses – likely driven by the rising demand for order fulfilment due to the growth of e-commerce.

According to recent Salesforce data, over US$281 billion in online sales were made globally during ‘Cyber Week’, with sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday accounting for a combined total of over US$100 billion.

Locus robots are in use at over 230 sites globally, with some companies having as many as 500 robots on a single site.

Back in September, Locus reached the milestone of 1 billion units picked by its LocusBots and is continuing to grow to meet increasing demand for order fulfilment. To pick their first 100,000 units, it took LocusBots over 4 years; the latest 100,000 were picked over the span of just 40 days.


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