The company seeks to fill a gap in the market for user-friendly software to replace the outdated technology currently used by many smaller freight forwarders. GoFreight provides such businesses with an online storefront and a system for goods transportation management.

It also combines tracking technology with accounting software to let customers monitor the progress of shipments and see in real time how this affects revenue.

Speaking to TechCrunch, GoFreight’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Trenton Chen, believes that its software “can certainly help provide additional valuable information to customers, importers and exporters.”

Chen is not afraid to compete with big names in the industry, adding: “We try to empower incumbents to compete with Flexport. That’s an approach to make this entire industry better and faster.”

Flexport connects businesses at different stages of the supply chain and moves processes online. It has been doing this on a major scale, working with ‘recognisable’ brands and companies since Flexport itself began as a startup almost a decade ago.