Maersk and Unipart secure JCB logistics contract

JCB today announced the appointment of Maersk as the manufacturer’s new global lead logistics provider in a five-year contract.

Maersk will begin collaborating with Unipart Logistics to manage JCB’s global supply chain operations in early 2023.

Mark Turner, Chief Operating Officer of JCB, said: “The appointment of Maersk Logistics as JCB’s global lead logistics provider, along with Unipart Logistics, will bring about a transformation in our global supply chain operations and support our manufacturing growth plans”.

Maersk and Unipart will take responsibility for supplying JCB’s 10 UK production facilities in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Wrexham with parts from the JCB World Logistics Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Gary Jeffreys, Maersk UK and Ireland’s Managing Director, said: “We are privileged that Maersk has been selected to be the global lead logistics partner for JCB. Our collective strengths and experience will deliver an agile, efficient, and sustainable global supply chain for JCB”.

This sentiment is shared by John Neill, Unipart’s Chairman and Group Chief Executive, who added, “Unipart and JCB are iconic, world-class British companies, and we are very pleased to be working together to support JCB’s global logistics capability and their drive for growth”.

JCB’s current lead logistics supplier DHL will work closely with Maersk and Unipart during the handover period.

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