MiTEQ to demonstrate RFID technology at IntraLogisteX

Solutions integrator MiTEQ specialises in ‘fully integrated automation and tracking solutions using RFID technology’. The company will be demonstrating its technology at the biggest intralogistics and warehousing trade show in the UK – IntraLogisteX – at the NEC Birmingham on 28-29 March 2023.

During IntraLogisteX, MiTEQ will be demonstrating how radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) can be layered on top of existing scanning and computing technologies to improve processes like returnable transport item (RTI) management, inventory management, and pick-and-pack productivity.

According to MiTEQ, automating the tracking of assets such as containers, cages, tote boxes, and trolleys can maximise RTI utilisation and availability, prevent asset loss and theft, and reduce inventory counts ‘from days to minutes’.

Alex Whiting, Managing Director at MiTEQ said: “there are plenty of MiTEQ customers looking to accelerate their materials handling processes using automation and tracking solutions. Some are looking to optimise already very complex systems, others are using basic scanning and computing technologies but want to take their efficiencies to the next level.

“One of our customers is working to standardise their device estate and modernise their graphical user interfaces (GUIs), which will instantly improve picker productivity. Another is working with us to address read rate inaccuracies and improve their print and label management processes.

“A project I’m especially proud of is one we are currently delivering, overcoming some of RFID’s most disruptive challenges (water, metal, densely packed items) to help a customer effectively track and monitor a series of temperature controlled containers.”

The latest Zebra Warehousing Vision Study shows that 25% of industry decision makers plan to use RFID and location technology for packing, while 20% plan to use it for inventory management and 19% plan to use it for picking.

MiTEQ (Stand i1120) will be at IntraLogisteX on 28-29 March 2023 at the NEC Birmingham. For more information, visit


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