SCH expands vehicle distribution hub at Port of Liverpool

Logistics firm SCH has signed a multi-year lease with Peel Ports Group, which owns and operates the Port of Liverpool, to expand the site’s car storage and transporter park.

The deal expands the size of the facility from eight acres to ten – a project that took over three months to complete and cost over £1 million.

The reason for the expansion is to cope with growing demand for vehicle processing at the Port of Liverpool. It is hoped that this will increase the volume of incoming vehicles from Europe and North America that can be processed at the site.

Now construction is complete, newly manufactured vehicles will be unloaded from roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) vessels by SCH staff and taken to be stored in the new 2.3 acre hub. The vehicles will then be picked up by the respective car manufacturer’s distribution fleets to be taken to dealerships around the UK.

Joe Loyden, SCH Liverpool Operations Manager, said: “We have supported car manufacturers in their port operations at Liverpool for several years and this expansion will provide potential for further growth in business volumes.”

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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