SnapFulfil gives Tori Belle a real eye for detail and value

Tori Belle Cosmetics has improved its fulfilment efficiency rate by 25% since implementing the SnapFulfil’s cloud-based WMS.

The Seattle-based beauty leader, known for its magnetic eyeliner application (under the LashLiner brand) that founder Laura Hunter invented, managed to grow by four times in 2020, during the pandemic – with SnapFulfil helping the company to execute and meet evolving  customer demands.

Ease of integration with its Shopify platform and NetSuite ERP system, plus user friendliness for management and staff alike, has also helped smooth the transition from paper to digital, with SnapFulfil bringing Tori Belle’s operations in line with its increased scale in each market segment.

“Its solid, flexible and reliable software had a very positive impact on our team’s productivity,” noted Matthew Suarez, Vice President Global Distribution for Tori Belle Cosmetics. “SnapFulfil provides that unique combination of cutting-edge technology, dedicated people operations and a business model that is adaptable for a company (of any size) that wants to pivot and expand rapidly.”

The company saw SnapFulfil as the best WMS option to control all-important labour costs for its aggressive expansion of operations, number of warehouses and associates, as well as a strategic partner enabling organisational growth. They also needed to streamline and structure operations as quickly as possible and achieve much greater visibility in fulfilment and order processing.

Tori Belle Cosmetics is now looking to expand its distribution footprint internationally – starting with a hub in the Midlands, UK – but efficiently and “without rebuilding the wheel” for each market. “SnapFulfil will play a major part, because of its agility and multi-site capabilities and we look forward to our continued collaboration as we scale from a medium to large organisation,” Suarez concluded.

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