St. Modwen completes energy efficient warehouse

St. Modwen Logistics has today [19th December] completed construction of a new sustainable warehouse in Longbridge, Birmingham.

The 155,000ft² facility, known as Longbridge 155, includes 9,500ft² of office space. It has been given an EPC A+ energy rating and BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certification, putting it in the top 1% of UK industrial buildings for sustainability.

The building features 1,600m² of rooftop solar PV panels, intended to generate a significant proportion of clean energy used by the offices. St. Modwen believes that the solar energy generated from the rooftop panels could lead to savings of around £100,000 per year, when compared with similar buildings.

Furthermore, rainwater will be harvested on site to be recycled for purposes such as flushing toilets and washing fleet vehicles while 20% of its car parking spaces are reserved for electric vehicles to ‘encourage greener travel’.

The construction of this building is part of the company’s £1 billion investment in the Longbridge area.

Polly Troughton, Managing Director of St. Modwen Logistics, said: “Longbridge is an area close to our hearts and we are really excited to open Longbridge 155. From day one, we have wanted this unit to be as sustainable and energy efficient as possible to support our customers’ needs and we have worked tirelessly alongside our partners GMI Construction to make this a reality.”

She continued: “Our customers tell us that rising costs, attracting and retaining staff, and meeting company ESG targets are their biggest focus at the moment. By providing a cost-saving, energy-efficient warehouse which is a comfortable and enjoyable place to work, St. Modwen Logistics is helping businesses to tackle all this at once and we look forward to welcoming in an organisation that shares our passion for sustainability.”


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