Start-up to launch autonomous cold-chain delivery trucks

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Vueron Technology, a Korean-based start-up developing autonomous vehicles and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) solutions, has announced that it will launch an autonomous truck delivery business.

The business will be in partnership with Teamfresh, a Korean logistics company specialising in the delivery of fresh produce.

Veuron believes that the new self-driving delivery service will address two main issues facing the logistics industry: high costs and labour shortages.

The company is planning to expand into different markets in the future, looking to develop solutions for the cosmetics and liquor industries.

It also plans to gain an international presence, having obtained self-driving permits in the US states of California and Nevada to showcase its technology on American roads in 2023.

Veuron self-driving systems have previously been tested on cars along the roads of both Seoul and San Francisco, but the company intends to reveal its autonomous trucks to the world with a live demonstration during the first week of January 2023.


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