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12. Oktober 2018 08:14

Bremen ports: 1.7 million tonnes of transit to Austria in 2017

Austria continues to be an important market for the Bremen port industry, emphasised the prominent representatives of the maritime industry in Bremen and Bremerhaven on October 11th, at two events of...

12. Oktober 2018 08:06

AirBridgeCargo to set up its European hub at Liege Airport

Liege Airport and AirBridgeCargo Airlines have signed an historic lease agreement for 10 years. It will bring the scale of cooperation between two companies to the next level of development,...

11. Oktober 2018 08:09

Great stage for inland navigation in Vienna

Inland navigation is safe, efficient, productive, cost-effective and contributes to decarbonisation. Therefore, Austria is open to new ideas in line with its EU Presidency and will continue to develop targeted passenger...

11. Oktober 2018 08:06

P&O Ferrymasters: 150 new huckepack trailers for Central Europe

P&O Ferrymasters has responded to rising customer demand for freight transport between Poznan in Poland and Europe’s busiest port at Rotterdam by making a major investment in 150 huckepack trailers...

10. Oktober 2018 08:22

Lagermax became partner of the umbrella brand “Austrian Logistics”

Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG, with its business divisions of freight forwarding, logistics, automobile logistics, express and parcel services, has become a partner of “Austrian Logistics”, the umbrella brand of...

8. Oktober 2018 08:33

Anniversary 120 years of Pawel Smart Packing & Logistics GmbH

Since 1898 packing and shipping has been the profession of Pawel Smart Packing & Logistics GmbH. From its beginnings as a crate and cabinetmaking business, the Viennese family-owned company has...

8. Oktober 2018 08:30

„DB Cargo Eurasia”: New sales unit for China services

DB has established a new unit, DB Cargo Eurasia, to shift more traffic between Europe and Asia to rail on the long term. The new unit will operate services to...

8. Oktober 2018 08:28

Grimaldi Group investing in new ships and port terminals

19 state-of-the-art vessels in construction for the transport of rolling freight, 6 vessels for the mixed transport of freight and passengers brought into service in 2018, 1 million more passengers...

5. Oktober 2018 08:27

More freight cars on Austria’s industrial spurs

In Austria, about 60 per cent of rail freight traffic is handled using industrial spurs. To keep it that way, operators would need long-term support for the construction and maintenance...

5. Oktober 2018 08:24

Private rail freight is the “hidden champion”

As part of an national study about the “railway country” Austria, commissioned by the railway assocation of the Economic Chamber (WKO), the Economica institute examined, among other things, the economic...

4. Oktober 2018 08:40

Bridge trailer allows for transport of 86-tonne containers

Bau-Trans carried out two special transport jobs using a bridge trailer in early September. Departing from Steinhaus close to Wels they transported two 86-tonne containers. It took about half a...

3. Oktober 2018 16:19

XPO Logistics to introduce 5,000 robots

XPO Logistics has set out plans to deploy 5,000 intelligent robots throughout its logistics sites in Europe and North America. The robots, built by XPO partner GreyOrange, are designed to...

3. Oktober 2018 15:37

Government to freeze fuel duty

The government has decided to freeze fuel duty, prime minister Theresa May told delegates to the Conservative Party conference on Wednesday. She confirmed that when the chancellor delivers the budget...

3. Oktober 2018 08:33

Austria should become Europe’s number one infrastructure country

In the presence of Federal Minister Ing. Norbert Hofer and the political initiator, Andreas Ottenschläger, Member of the National Council and transport spokesperson of the ÖVP party, and his colleague...

2. Oktober 2018 15:56

DX stems losses as turnaround plan starts to work

Delivery group DX increased sales by three per cent to £299.5 million last year, while an underlying loss, at £4.9m, was less than analyst forecasts. Chairman Ron Series said the...

2. Oktober 2018 08:08

High level of quality for Austria’s forwarding apprentices

This year’s Euro Skills, from 25th to 29th of September 2018 in Budapest, turned out as a success story for the Austrian participant Michaela Dužić. With a convincing presentation, she...

2. Oktober 2018 08:03

Samskip launches new Antwerp/UK shortsea route

Samskip is launching a new shortsea service connecting Antwerp and Hull, in an expansion of its continent-UK multimodal network that also sees it debut at Belgium’s largest port. The initial...

1. Oktober 2018 15:46

Profits boost for Xpediator

Xpediator, the acquisitive forwarding group, saw operating profit rise 133 per cent to £2.3 million in the first half, on revenue that was up 61 per cent to £78.9 million....

1. Oktober 2018 13:13

Air freight demand rises 2.3pc

Demand for air freight in August was 2.3 per cent up on a year ago, though capacity rose even more, by 4.5 per cent, according to the International Air Transport...

1. Oktober 2018 10:06

EU startet Seidenstraßen-Initiative, vergisst jedoch auf Österreich

Bundesregierung muss Österreichs Position stärken und den Logistik-Standort sichern. Die EU-Kommission hat durch EU-Außenbeauftragte Federica Mogherini und Verkehrskommissarin Violeta Bulc unter dem Titel „Europa und Asien verbinden – Bausteine für...

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