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Tag "Report"

8. Oktober 2018 16:19

UK operating profit up 18 per cent for CEVA

Operating profit rose 18 per cent at CEVA Logistics in the UK to reach £14.8 million for the year to 31st December 2017. Sales rose from £394.5m in 2016 to...

2. Oktober 2018 12:26

Gig economy: the future for deliveries?

The gig economy is continuing to grow rapidly, according to research in the US by the JP Morgan Chase Institute. And the sector growing fastest is transport. However, the study...

26. September 2018 13:49

EU tackles UK on €2.7bn unpaid customs duties

The European Commission is taking the UK government to task over a “failure to make customs duties available to the EU budget”. It calculates that the UK owes the European...

26. September 2018 08:27

Big wooden construction for contract logistics at cargo-partner

The international transport and logistics provider cargo-partner opens a new chapter of contract logistics. At the company headquarters in Fischamend in the Vienna Airport Region, the new iLogistics Center will be...

25. September 2018 09:30

The dangers of demonising diesel

Back in the 1980s every other truck on the road seemed to have a Cummins-Eaton-Rockwell power train. And the beating heart of the truck was the Cummins diesel engine. Even...

24. September 2018 10:01

Budapest Airport beginnt mit Bau für neue Cargo City

Der Budapest Airport hat am 21. September 2018 mit einer Spatenstich-Zeremonie den Beginn des Baus des neuen Frachtzentrums Cargo City gefeiert. Mit der Cargo City will das ungarische Drehkreuz seine...

24. September 2018 08:56

IMS Cargo Austria: 25 years of advanced container logistics

In the presence of numerous customers and business partners, the container operator IMS Cargo Austria GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary in Vienna on the 21st of September. “Today we are...

18. September 2018 13:34

12pc profits boost for DPD

DPD’s operating profit rose 12 per cent last year to read £121 million, while turnover rose 11 per cent to £895 million. In its annual report for the year to...

18. September 2018 13:28

Ocado revenue grows 11.5pc

Ocado’s revenue increase 11.5 per cent to £348.6 million in the third quarter helped by new capacity at its new robotic warehouses. Chief executive Tim Steiner said in a trading...

18. September 2018 09:47

Don’t be a victim of the robot revolution

The robot revolution is going to destroy 75 million jobs global over the next four years, the World Economic Forum has calculated. But it will create 133 million jobs over...

11. September 2018 12:09

Dealing with nosey neighbours

Walk down Oxford Street and you can’t help but be struck by the row of grand department stores. But it is the changing fortunes of two of them that is...

11. September 2018 12:09

Dealing with nosy neighbours

Walk down Oxford Street and you can’t help but be struck by the row of grand department stores. But it is the changing fortunes of two of them that is...

7. September 2018 12:15

Unbeirrbarer Blick auf „König Kunde“

Der Handel hat sich in den letzten 20 Jahren enorm verändert, aber noch immer ist wie früher vom „König Kunden“ die Rede – und das aus gutem Grund. Diese majestätischen...

7. September 2018 11:17

HoF’s Milton Keynes DC to close

House of Fraser’s distribution centre at Milton Keynes is due close on 27th November, according to the GMB union. The future of the Wellingborough site is still unclear, although there...

5. September 2018 08:13

Kühne + Nagel is upgrading its European Pharma trailer fleet

With the ongoing market growth for temperature-controlled shipments, Kuehne + Nagel is investing in its European Pharma fleet to strengthen the KN PharmaChain overland service in the region; thereby, the...

29. August 2018 15:36

Food waste can be cut by $700bn a year

Food loss and waste are expected to reach 2.1 billion tonnes, worth $1.5 trillion, by 2030, according to Boston Consulting Group, but concerted action by companies and governments could save...

22. August 2018 08:36

Available truck capacity on a historically low level

In Q2 2018, transport prices have soared in the European transport market due to declining capacity and rising fuel prices, reveals the thirty-sixth edition of the Transport Market Monitor by...

42 neue Anbieter im Bereich WMS-LVS auf www.speditionssoftware-vergleich.de

21. August 2018 15:44

42 neue Anbieter im Bereich WMS-LVS auf www.speditionssoftware-vergleich.de

Spedionssoftware-Vergleich.de erweitert Rechercheangebot um 42 Anbieter im Bereich LVS/WMS- Lagerverwaltung und Warehouse Management mit detaillierten Unternehmens und Funktionsprofilen

21. August 2018 10:54

Intimidating intelligence

Artificial intelligence is set to transform the logistics industry over the next few years, but a new study suggests that almost a third of companies fear that they will struggle...

20. August 2018 12:55

Brexit drives supply chain risk fears

Fears over Brexit appear to be increasing businesses’ perception of the risks in their supply chain, despite evidence suggesting many have taken steps to ready themselves for a post-Brexit environment,...

17. August 2018 14:28

HoF refunds online buyers as dispute with XPO reaches impasse

House of Fraser has cancelled all online orders and is refunding customers in the face of an impasse in its payments dispute with XPO, which operates its distribution centres at...

16. August 2018 08:23

LTE Group: More than EUR 100 million annual sales for the first time

The annual report for 2017 once again shows high growth in sales and very good results for Graz-Köflacher Bahn and Busbetrieb GmbH (GKB). The Graz-Köflacher Bahn and Busbetrieb GmbH (GKB)...

15. August 2018 11:07

Veränderte Anforderungen in der Logistik: Arbeitskräftemangel spitzt sich zu

Die zunehmende Automatisierung in der Logistikbranche verändert auch den Arbeitsmarkt und stellt höhere Anforderungen an die Mitarbeiter. Firmen werden daher in Zukunft noch größere Probleme haben, geeignetes Personal zu finden....

15. August 2018 10:54

Work stops at House of Fraser warehouse in payments dispute

All work has stopped at the House of Fraser warehouse at Wellingborough, according to a report by “The Times”, as a result of a dispute between operator XPO Logistics and...

14. August 2018 11:52

Brexit: what about the workers?

Pressure is mounting on both the UK and EU negotiators to make progress on a deal. And with the next round of talks starting in Brussels on Thursday, the Confederation...

10. August 2018 08:26

The trend of the Danube waterway continues in Austria

Published recently by viadonau, the 2017 annual report shows that Danube navigation in Austria developed well in the past year. Thus transport volume (up 6 per cent) and waterside throughput...

9. August 2018 08:35

Saexinger: New site for dangerous goods logistics in Ennsdorf

Saexinger GesmbH, headquartered in Vienna, has now more space available for professional dangerous goods logistics. With the opening of the new location in Ennsdorf, the impressive development of the owner-managed company...

3. August 2018 15:18

SEAT trials 31.7m long truck and trailer combination

Spanish car manufacturer SEAT and logistics partner Grupo Sesé have carried out a pilot test of the duo trailer, which has total length of 31.7 metres and payload of 70...

30. Juli 2018 08:22

Vienna Airport aiming to become Europe’s “most environmentally friendly airport”

The Vienna Airport has been able to achieve significant improvements in its environmental performance indicators since 2012: 42.6% less CO2 emissions, 20.4% less electricity consumption and 18.4% less energy use...

26. Juli 2018 14:50

New transport VP at Ceva

Ceva Logistics has appointed Terry Carter as senior vice president transport for contract logistics to drive best practices, standardisation and strategy across Ceva’s business worldwide. Carter will be based in...

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