Terminal Emulation solutions provider StayLinked grows its partner program

StayLinked, a California-based provider of Terminal Emulation (TE) software, has announced that it has ‘revamped’ its Global Partner Program to support the growth of its partners.

The company claim that its updated program ‘will help partners to increase revenue opportunities, enhance profitability, and unlock adjacent business opportunities’.

Ron Caines, President of Sales at StayLinked, said: “StayLinked developed its revamped Global Partner Program to support and empower existing and new partners to take a leap forward and grow their business into new areas [to]gain the competitive edge in existing accounts, increasing both footprint and wallet share.”

The latest version of the company’s Global Partner Program will provide partners with discounts, technical support, and marketing resources.

At the beginning of this year, StayLinked launched its robust integration platform ‘Evolve’, which Caines describes as enabling “the seamless integration of new and emerging technologies without the need for expensive, complex, and risky integration or the requirement to rip and replace existing warehouse management systems (WMS)”.

StayLinked’s existing partners include wearable technology manufacturers like ProGlove and Zebra Technologies as well as manufacturers of scanners, like Honeywell, and robots, like Fetch Robotics.

Quelle: logisticsmanager.com

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