TGW to install robotics and automation in Urban Outfitters DC

Urban Outfitters has signed a contract with TGW to automate its new fulfilment centre in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. 

TGW will install its FlashPick system, which sees cartons emptied into totes and then transported to the mini-load warehouse, which is used to feed its ‘Stingray’ shuttle.

Totes are then transported to 15 goods-to-person workstations, and items will be picked into either target cartons or totes.

The different areas are connected by an energy-efficient KingDrive conveyor system and the TGW warehouse control system interfaces with Manhattan WMS.

TGW´s picking robot ‘Rovolution’ will also be installed at the distribution centre.

Iain Bartholomew, international and European logistics director at Urban Outfitters said: “The new facility located in Peterborough will be highly automated, incorporate robotics, and provides the capacity necessary to support our fast-growing business. TGW supported us to design a modular solution we believe is simple, flexible and adaptable to the future needs of our customers.”

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