Uber hack highlights need for cybersecurity in supply chains

With Uber in the midst of a data breach, having fallen victim to a cyber attack that leaked confidential company and employee information, IT services provider Nebula has urged firms in all sectors to step up their cybersecurity.

The hack saw employee email addresses, corporate reports, and IT asset information leaked to the public after the data was reportedly stolen from a third-party vendor. It affected Uber as well as the company’s food delivery service Uber Eats, with reports estimating that almost 80,000 of its employees have been affected.

Founder and Managing Director of Nebula Chris Pottrell said: “The unfortunate reality, as demonstrated by this latest Uber incident, is that we are now living in a world where cybercriminals are able to penetrate businesses with increasingly advanced attacks as more business is done online.”

He added: “It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up or a global empire, a charity or a private business, the risk is there. It is therefore vital that every organisation takes cybersecurity seriously to protect themselves, their assets, their employees, and stakeholders as we continue to live in a time of increasing cyber risk.”

Companies within supply chains are not exempt from these threats, and in some cases seem to have been increasingly targeted. A 2022 IBM report found that the manufacturing industry was the sector that faced the most cyberattacks in 2021, overtaking financial services.

With rising costs and other issues to deal with, cybersecurity may not be the top priority for companies within global supply chains, but it is definitely something that modern businesses need to be aware of and protect themselves against.

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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