Unikie and Valmet Automotive develop next-generation logistics solutions

The Finnish technology company, Unikie, and automotive service provider, Valmet Automotive, are developing an innovative logistics solution at the automotive plant site in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Testing and validating the ‘Automated Factory Parking’ technology, developed by Unikie, at a business-critical factory environment is an important step in taking the new technology to the production stage.

In Uusikaupunki, Unikie and Valmet Automotive have run a test series for driving a vehicle from the plant to a logistics field for shipping aided by the infrastructure only. The system does not require vehicles to have any autonomous capabilities or sensors but only the basic capabilities for steering, changing gears, accelerating and braking as defined by the ISO23374 standard.

Unikie is a member of the German Automotive Association (VDA) and is presenting an interoperable automated valet parking solution in a joint project of five automotive OEMs (BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Cariad, a technology subsidiary of VW Group) and four technology providers (Unikie, Bosch, Valeo and Continental/Kopernikus).

“At the Uusikaupunki plant, we have been utilising the same automated valet parking technology as in Munich but in an industrial environment indoors and outdoors, which presents new challenges for the system,” said Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer for Automotive at Unikie. “During our testing, we have had various weather conditions and have proven that the system can operate with reliability even in pouring rain. By taking our solution into use our customers can achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency and significant cost savings.”

“Valmet Automotive is interested in new technologies as a way to gain competitive advantage through improved efficiency and safety for our processes, and it has been interesting to see how the system can manage a production environment“, said Sami Kunvik, Manager of Manufacturing Engineering at Valmet Automotive.

Unikie is working currently with multiple OEMs to validate its technology and is expecting first production installations during 2022.

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