Velodyne Lidar and MOV.AI partner to provide autonomous solutions for industrial and e-commerce robotics

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Velodyne Lidar, Inc and MOV.AI are collaborating to provide robot manufacturers with enterprise-grade automation solutions, including mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance and risk avoidance.

The MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform – combined with Velodyne’s lidar sensors – addresses a growing demand for automation in dynamic collaborative environments such as e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing and hospitals.

The MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform, powered by Velodyne’s Puck lidar sensors, delivers advanced tools that allow AMR manufacturers and integrators to address the challenges of safely moving in changing and unstructured environments such as material handling and warehouse logistics.

The Robotics Engine Platform helps AMR manufacturers quickly develop and deploy robots that can operate in dynamic environments in which humans, manual machines and robots work side-by-side. The platform leverages the performance and reliability of the Puck sensor to allow mobile robots to traverse outside controlled situations and safely function in unfamiliar and unpredictable settings. The Puck’s compact form factor enables it to be embedded easily into robots. The sensor delivers high accuracy in complex indoor and outdoor environments.

The MOV.AI ROS-based Robotics Engine Platform provides AMR manufacturers and automation integrators with the enterprise-grade tools they need for advanced automation. It includes a visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE), off the shelf algorithms and integrations, fleet management, flexible interfaces with warehouse environments such as ERP and WMS, and cyber-security compliance. The solution provides ±2 cm accuracy for a 65% dynamic environment.

“Adding MOV.AI and Velodyne technologies to provided our robot with an off-the-shelf, high-accuracy navigation and localisation solution for the high and dynamic environments where we are deploying our AMRs,” commented Fernando Freitas, CEO at RoboSavvy, manufacturer of the AMR “Using lidar-based SLAM enables to navigate safely among people and other vehicles with accurate and consistent performance.”

“There is a growing demand for automation and integration of our sensors into collaborative robots,” said Erich Smidt, Executive Director of Europe, Velodyne Lidar. “We see extensive potential in this space, with the global AMR market size is expected to reach US$8.70 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 23.7% from 2021 to 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. Partnering with MOV.AI can enable us to bring safety, efficiency and sustainability into the industrial sector on a large, global scale.”

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