Vienna and the Linz-Wels region are logistical benchmarks

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On November 22nd, the “Austrian Logistics Indicator” (ALI) was presented in Linz, which makes Austria’s regional logistical capabilities measurable and comparable for the first time. The ALI was developed by the logistics department of the university of appliced sciences in Upper Austria and the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). The project was started in 2017, and the results were presented to the public in Linz, together with vice governor Michale Strugl and state councilor Günther Steinkellner.

In addition to existing international indices (such as the Logistics Performance Index LPI of the World Bank), the ALI improves the conditions for the provision of logistics services in Austria. The strengths of the regions can be developed, weaknesses can be compensated as much as possible, and existing synergy effects between the regions can be better recognised and exploited.

Which region is ‘top’ when it comes to logistics, and which parts of Austria still need to improve? ALI provides precise information: Vienna proved to be a logistical benchmark (excellent results in regional conditions, good results for logistical performance catalysts) and the Linz-Wels region (very good results for logistics performance catalysts and logistical framework conditions).


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