Walker to build new sustainable warehouse in Berkshire

Walker Logistics has announced that work will commence in early 2023 on the development of a new 125,000 ft² warehouse just off the M4 in Membury, Berkshire. The facility will be constructed alongside the company’s existing 250,000 ft² logistics centre in the region.

Walker has ensured that the new facility is sustainable, to limit its impact on the environment. This has allowed the new unit to be awarded a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.

Walker Logistics’ Head of Marketing, Charlie Walker, said: “We are very aware of our corporate social responsibility so our new unit will have minimal impact on the environment.”

He continued: “Consumers increasingly show a preference for brands and products with authentic sustainability credentials and, as a result, more companies will only deal with businesses that share their sustainability values and don’t treat the issue as another marketing veneer.”

Since 2017, Walker has ‘eliminated the use of plastic-based void-fill materials in over 90% of the orders that it processes’. It has done this by replacing void fillers like bubble wrap and polystyrene chips with greener alternatives that it produces itself on-site by recycling transit packaging that it receives in inbound shipments from its clients.

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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