Westcoast revealed as first sponsor of all-new Logistics Manager Top 50 Service Providers

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IT distributor and supply chain services supplier Westcoast has become the first sponsor of the Logistics Manager Top 50 Service Providers – a week of webinars and analysis of the fastest-growing 3PLs in the UK.

The reveal of the Logistics Manager Top 50 will begin on Monday 30 November, counting down every day to revealing the number one success story in UK logistics and supply chain on Friday 4 December – all through daily webinars.

The Logistics Manager Top 50 Service Providers will also be available as an exclusive supplement to the most influential senior professionals in logistics and supply chain, containing data and case studies behind the fastest-growing 3PLs in the UK.

The whole week of webinars and analysis will be a showcase of how British logistics service providers are innovating to help customers grow and be successful.

Westcoast have been an ever growing presence in the IT industry delivering IT distribution services across the UK and Ireland for over 35 years – but more recently and increasingly, the business is involved with delivering services on behalf of customers, suppliers and now third parties – some unconnected to the IT industry.

“Its easy to pigeon-hole Westcoast but that would be under-estimating our ever-expanding capability,” said Alex Tatham, managing director at Westcoast.

“With hubs across Europe as well as over 600,000 sq ft of logistics space here in the UK, we now undertake logistics and supply chain services for some of the biggest names in technology as well as retail and consumer goods using our many years of logistics excellence and flexibility.

“Hence, what better way to announce that a £3 billion business is open for business but by sponsoring the Logistics Manager’s Top 50 Service Providers.  As we move towards Brexit and ever greater on-line fulfilment, Westcoast will continue to branch out within and beyond the IT industry.”

For more details about the Logistics Manager Top 50 Service Providers, including sponsorship opportunities, then please contact: olly.filmer@akabomedia.co.uk

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