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A range of businesses experience peak seasons such as Summer and Christmas. Here, Algeco, – formerly known as Elliott – a long-established brand in the European modular accommodation industry, looks at options available when it comes to taking care of employee health and welfare.

Seasonality of sales can place pressure on businesses because they have to respond with increased staff accommodation, welfare spaces such as washrooms, administration and offices. A growing number are choosing to hire temporary accommodation, which provides them with the flexibility to quickly and easily ‘right size’ their business, based on demand. Selecting a supply partner that provides high quality temporary accommodation can be vital in attracting and retaining extra staff during the current shortage of skilled labour.

The pandemic has added even greater pressure for employers, with the rapid growth in online shopping resulting in many businesses looking for ways to rapidly increase capacity to meet demand. Seasonal businesses need to keep an eye on costs during the less busy times, meaning they require high-quality, reliable accommodation on a short-term lease that sees them through these busy periods, but can also quickly be removed when it is no longer needed.

Post-pandemic, staff wellbeing has risen in importance, with a particular emphasis on hygiene, to ensure the health and safety of their workforce and of anyone visiting their premises. This is all part of the drive to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, which is still in circulation, as well as more common viruses that lead to increased absenteeism. By providing clean and safe temporary accommodation, staff and visitors have the confidence that the business has taken necessary steps to ensure their wellbeing.

We hear much about the circular economy, with temporary accommodation modules being an excellent example, because they are continually going through a cycle of refurbishment, and upgrade, thus extending product lifetimes and reducing the number of products and materials being disposed of prematurely. Our temporary accommodation modules go through this process multiple times, each time being delivered to businesses to meet their space requirements to all intents and purposes as a ‘new’ unit, having undergone refurbishment and quality checks at our facilities.

A growing number of customers operating seasonal businesses are choosing our turnkey 360 service for the convenience and easy of ordering. Instead of having to manage multiple suppliers, various purchase orders and invoices, plus more traffic coming and going on premises and spending time coordinating and communicating, we offer a single point of contact. This means significantly less hassle and major time savings. Our 360 Service can contribute to staff wellbeing, too, because we can provide additional facilities, right down to  kettles and toasters. The benefit of our 360 Service is that it allows businesses to choose various types of accommodation to meet their different needs – it really is just a click or telephone call away!

Throughout it all, energy use remains a key consideration for businesses both in terms of cost savings and meeting environmental commitments. We are currently working with a major client on a revolutionary pilot project that uses smart technology solutions to cut carbon emissions by up to 25% on its worker accommodation modules at a site in the South-West. Our Moduflex® buildings were specified for use as welfare, offices and meeting rooms. Technology like this creates smarter offices, storage areas and warehouses by, for example, providing a summary of energy consumption and deploying energy reduction technology.

In safe hands.
Our temporary space requirements can be custom built to meet the exact needs of your business, whether that be the width and height or internal layout.  Ultimately, when choosing temporary accommodation, it comes down to trust in your supply partner. When you need to quickly ramp up capacity and have taken on agency staff, you need to know that the temporary accommodation will be there when you need it. More importantly, it needs to be of a quality that meets their health and wellbeing expectations – a happy workforce is more productive. We have consistently done this for decades with some of biggest names in e-commerce and logistics throughout the UK.

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