Being able to sort small and medium parcels separately from larger payloads sustains and complements many parcel operators’ ongoing strategies to deliver by bicycle in cities and by smaller e-vehicles in the suburbs.

“The sortation system requires only a 126m x 35m extension to the existing parcel centre,” revealed Oliver Schopp, Sales Director for BEUMER Group, Logistic Systems. “It features a carefully planned floor layout that gives a natural one-direction flow, so materials never cross. The solution supports parcel networks as the number of shipments continues to increase and is implemented with a particular emphasis on making intralogistics as smart and sustainable as possible.”

The system processes the sorting centre’s small and medium parcels separately from larger items in a new extension to an existing facility. On arrival at the centre, the parcels will have already been sorted according to size. Once they have been sorted by destination, parcels are batch-accumulated in a compartment and released to a fully automatic roll cage filling station. A system design such as the 126m x 35m extension will be able to add +40,000 parcels per hour to a parcel centre that might be pressed for capacity.