DHL: Customised transport logistics for Beethoven tour

21. März 2019 08:40

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In view of the upcoming 250th birthday of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in 2020, “BTHVN on Tour” travel around the world. Visitors can gain an overview of the life and creations of Beethoven via multimedia channels and on the basis of original exhibits as well as historically valuable replicas.

The Leipzig exhibit will run from March 26 to April 5, 2019 before beginning its tour of concert halls around the world throughout 2020. Stops for the tour with DHL include concert halls like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, in Cincinnati, New York and Boston as well as London, Warsaw, Brussels and in Asia.

“One of the best composers of all time, Ludwig van Beethoven and his work continues to enthrall people everywhere, even 250 years after his birth! It’s a great pleasure for us to contribute to the 2020 celebration with this multimedia exhibit on Beethoven’s life and work, and we’re proud to offer our logistics expertise to make the exhibit available to people around the world,” says Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group.

For many years DHL has been a main partner of the Beethoven-Haus Bonn and a main sponsor to the Beethovenfest music festival in Bonn.  The sensible and partly irreplaceable items of “BTHVN on Tour” are transported in special containers equipped with sensors and under ideal climate conditions.

With its headquarters in Bonn, Deutsche Post DHL Group is a longtime supporter of projects and institutions who deal with the heritage of Ludwig van Beethoven. The Group and Bonn’s Beethoven-Haus enjoy a longtime and trusted partnership. In addition the company maintains a number of other high-profile partnerships in the areas culture, lifestyle and sports – as for example the Gewandhaus in Leipzig.


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