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DHL offers 25 per cent savings

DHL Supply Chain plans to offer its technology customers 25 per cent reductions in total cost, by integrating repair operations within the warehouse.

The company hopes both its technology services expansion and new partnerships will ensure more products in the reverse technology supply chain can be tested, screened, and repaired.

„In a competitive marketplace, aftermarket service reputation is a major differentiator. These improvements to the scale and scope of our fully-managed end-to-end solution will ensure our customers can respond faster, resolve issues, maximise value and improve satisfaction for their end customers“, said chief development officer at DHL Supply Chain, Dan Ellerton.

The company is expanding its aftermarket Technical Services offering, with the signing of further global collaboration deals, to perform selected repair activities.

Recent partnerships include those with ANOVO and Computer Technology Solutions, an after sales support and supply chain management specialist, and reverse logistics and repair specialist, respectively.

DHL Supply Chain has also teamed up with post-sales service specialist SMS Infocomm.

Source: logisticsmanager.com
Portal: logistik-express.com

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