DHL to step up robot deployment in Asia-Pacific region

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DHL Supply Chain has deployed a batch of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, the first of many in the company’s plan to expand its use of robotics in that part of the world.

DHL says that it intends to deploy 1,000 robots across several sectors in APAC by 2025, representing its largest investment in robotics and automation in the region to date. Globally, the firm plans on deploying up to 5,000 robots in the coming years.

Steve Thompsett, Chief Executive of DHL Supply Chain Australia & New Zealand, said: “We are leading the industry in automation research and development to create truly scalable, efficient, and effective solutions for our customers. It’s important for us to innovate and to consistently optimise our customers’ supply chains.”

The AMRs, from manufacturer Locus Robotics, will be used to assist in picking processes within DHL’s facilities and have been implemented alongside Locus Robotics’ LocusONE warehouse automation platform. This platform is designed to “transform complex information into actionable intelligence to enable greater success in an increasingly data-centric world”.

Rick Faulk, Chief Executive of Locus Robotics, added: “We are thrilled to expand our global partnership with DHL Supply Chain into the region. This collaboration represents a significant step towards enhancing capacity, optimising operational processes, and elevating DHL’s customer experiences. Together, we are paving the way for a more intelligent, agile, and sustainable supply chain future.”

While DHL is clear on the importance of automation to its future strategy in the area, a recent JLL study revealed that only 60% of logistics property occupiers across the APAC region have deployed some form of automation solution. Such investment may be indicative of an change of attitude towards the uptake of robotic technology within warehouses there.


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