DSV Panalpina sparks job loss fears after relocation plans

DSV Panalpina has informed its employees at the former Panalpina headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, about its relocation plans.

As part of this integration, there could be up to 165 job losses for those who are not relocated. However, the company intends to expand its logistical footprint in the Basel area.

Jens Bjørn Andersen, chief executive at DSV Panalpina, said: “As we integrate Panalpina into the DSV Panalpina Group, we recognise that there are substantial duplications of corporate functions.

“We are also seeing considerable overlaps in the IT department, as IT systems that will no longer be used in the combined group are phased out. As a result, we are considering several restructuring measures. According to our analysis, we will not be able to avoid job cuts and the relocation of positions to DSV Panalpina’s headquarters in Denmark.”

The company has started the consultation process with its employees, and has indicated that it will present a first draft of a social plan to define measures and reduce job losses or to mitigate their effects.

In addition, DSV Panalpina has invited employees to vote on the election of an employee representation body in order to facilitate the negotiation process for the social plan.

By Michelle Mooney 

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