Electra Commercial Vehicles powers through with solar-powered electric trailers

Reynolds Catering Supplies is one of the first companies in the UK to have a fully electric Electra Commercial Vehicles’ Solar Charging Refrigerated Trailer in operation – reducing the company’s emissions significantly.

Waltham Cross-based Reynolds Catering Supplies initially approached Electra in 2018. with the idea of creating a fully electric refrigerated trailer and tractor unit combination for urban operation.

“Electra picked up the challenge and designed a bespoke system for the trailer, which is still in use today. Reynolds has been operating the trailer since mid-2019. The 11m Gray & Adams trailer features Electra’s scalable fully electric system coupled with a Frigoblock EK25 electric fridge. Moreover, the system also delivers considerable benefits by adding charge from solar panels fitted on the roof’” said Ben Smith, MD for Electra Commercial Vehicles

Earlier in 2022, the company’s design team came up with a method to use solar panels to charge the system, which operates the battery thermal management system, charge control systems, and tail-lift operation. This required a workshop visit to the company’s headquarters in Blackburn for the trailer re-wiring and refurbishment of the electrical system.

New software was also created in-house.

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