Exotec releases three new warehousing solutions

Exotec, a provider of warehousing robotics, has introduced three new solutions to its product portfolio: a new conveyor system, an ‘improved’ picking solution, and new proprietary warehouse software.

The first solution is the Skypath – a modular conveyor system that ‘can reach a maximum throughput of 2,500 totes per hour’. Exotec claims that this system is easily adaptable and ‘consists of straight, curved, and inclined building blocks that fit most logistic needs’.

Secondly, there is the Skypicker – an ‘intelligent picking solution for modern warehouses’ capable of picking up to 600 items per hour. Drawing on the benefits of machine learning, the Skypicker automatically detects the dimensions of each item needing to be picked and places them in preparation containers in a way that optimises the space available.

The final addition to Exotec’s product portfolio is an end-to-end software system that it calls Deepsky. This software can be used to integrate Exotec technology with most warehouse management systems (WMS). It is also capable of integrating with third-party automation equipment used for tasks like packing, sorting, and decanting. Deepsky collects real-time data automatically and continuously, sending information around the clock to the Exotec Control Center. This allows for increased and more efficient remote troubleshooting.

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Exotec Romain Moulin said: “With these innovations, we are further enabling our customers to run efficient, scalable, and modular warehouses that flex to fit their unique needs.”

Exotec believes that these new solutions will address key issues for warehouse operators including inflation, economic headwinds, and labour shortages.

All three of the new products are compatible with other Exotec offerings, including their flagship Skypod system.

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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