Fashion retailers could double sales with free returns

Fashion retailers could double sales with free returns

Fashion retailers could double sales with free returns
Juli 23
10:28 2015

Free returns could double sales for online fashion retailers, putting online retailers on a par with high street stores, according to a survey of 1,000 UK online clothes shoppers by on-demand shipping app Weengs.

Three quarter of respondents would be more likely to shop, if not exclusively, with retailers that offered free returns. Those polled said they would spend an average of £113.27 online on a full work outfit if the retailer offered free returns, compared to £57.23 if the retailer charged for this service. On average, high street stores can expect an average spend of £110.92 on a work outfit.

Greg Zontanos, co-founder of Weengs, said: “Consumers build trust with retailers that they know offer them a fair way of changing their minds, just as if they were looking for clothes in store.”

Zontanos added that offering this service doesn’t equate to an increase in the likelihood of those extra purchases being sent back, noting that just shy of three quarters of respondents said they intended to return less than a tenth of their recent online purchases.




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