Found 3-7% For Your Net Margin Hiding in Freight Settlement Processes

eft & Hexaware are collaborating to bring you an insightful complimentary webinar on digitization & automation of your freight settlement processes

To stay competitive in this time of constant change, demanding customers, and renewed need for innovation, LSPs must look everywhere for streamlining and cost saving opportunities. Hexaware have been working with many of the industry’s leaders to locate areas of potential savings and improvement and they have had many successes. You are welcome to join a complimentary webinar taking place at 11am EDT, August 6th that will quickly show you one such area, digitization & automation of your freight settlement processes, and how it can add 3-7% to your net margin, and result in:

Reduction of revenue leakage by eliminating manual verification checks and balances
Deployment of lesser resources for invoice validation and settlement processing
Increased level of accuracy during invoice matching and verification process
Carrier retention through on-time payment
and how to eliminate costly human intervention at every stage

The complimentary webinar, which you can sign up for now here, will be led by Hexaware’s industry thought leaders Naval Sabharwal – Global Head – Transportation & Logistics, Bennet Kumar – Practice Leader, and Kusha Garg – Supply Chain Solution Consultant – all of which will be happy to take your questions during and after the webinar.

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