Germany advertises its Logistics Services in South Korea

The “Logistics Council Germany” (LCG) is promoting the country as the gateway to Europe

Germany is presenting its logistics credentials at the “Korea Railways & Logistics Fair 2009” in Busan on 3-6 June 2009. The Logistics Council Germany (LCG) is advertising the strengths of using Germany as a logistics base and its potential to act as the gateway to Europe and the world for export-oriented South Korean companies; this is taking place at the largest railway fair in Asia. At the same time, the initiative established by the German government is presenting its own services as the central coordinating office, which is able to provide free advice and contacts for South Korean companies on the look-out for high-performance logistics service providers in Germany. Among other things, the LCG is able to open doors to a variety of individual investment and funding programmes provided by the Federal Government.

The volume of trade between Germany and South Korea reached a new record high of $ 25.3 billion in 2008. German and German/Korean companies employ more than 80,000 Korean workers. The European Union with its rising levels of prosperity, approx. 500 million consumers and a gross domestic product of more than $ 17 billion is one of the most important growth regions in the world. Import volumes in the automobile, construction and manufacturing industry sectors are some of the highest in Europe and they provide companies in South Korea with huge economic potential to tap into new sales markets in Europe

Germany plays a key role in Europe as the continent’s logistics hub: thanks to its outstanding infrastructure, logistics expertise and the high degree of industrialisation, all the other 26 EU member states and countries bordering on the EU can be reached within 24 hours.

 Quelle: Logistics Council Germany GmbH

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