Gysev Cargo: First advertising locomotive is ready

„Taurus“-advertising locomotive of Gysev Cargo is leased by Mitsui Rail Capital Europe; and will be used exclusively for traction purposes in rail freight transport

The first advertising locomotive of Gysev Cargo Zrt. is ready. The Taurus is dressed in the colours of the rail freight operator – green, yellow and white – and will run not only in Hungary, but also in neighbouring Austria.

The colours and design of the locomotive has been chosen by specialists of Gysev Cargo Zrt. It fits in with the logo and corporate image of the company and symbolizes the company’s values: dynamism, vigor, flexibility and innovation.

„It is an important milestone at our company that the open Eaos-goods wagons we bought last year already bear the company’s logo. Now, we have a locomotive designed in line with our image, which will surely enhance the company’s degree of brand recognition on both sides of the border. This is something which we indeed need, because competition is extremely fierce in the rail freight market,” said János Skala, CEO of Gysev Cargo Zrt.

Quelle: LogEastics

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