Japan Airlines and CHAMP Cargosystems strengthen their ties by entering into a new technology partnership

30. Dezember 2017 10:50

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CHAMP Cargosystems, the leading supplier of integrated IT solutions to the air cargo industry, builds on its relationship with Japan Airlines. As part of this technology partnership, CHAMP and Japan Airlines will engage in a series of projects that leverage IT to provide value to the airline’s customer base.

In 2014, Japan Airlines transformed its global cargo business activities through the introduction of CHAMP’s suite of advanced cargo applications. Since then, the relationship between Japan Airlines and CHAMP has prospered, as the companies have worked together on a number of initiatives.

Continuing in this spirit of mutual cooperation, this new partnership agreement will bear fruit to a range of innovative technology solutions designed to further transform the airline’s cargo business.  As part of their customer driven strategy, Japan Airlines envisages the optimization of processes that will enable seamless and efficient engagement with its clients and industry partners.

“It is a true honor for me to have the opportunity to sign this agreement with Japan Airlines at this auspicious occasion,” said Arnaud Lambert, CEO at CHAMP Cargosystems, at the Luxembourg-Japan Business Forum celebrating 90 years of diplomatic relationship between the two countries. “I am delighted that Japan Airlines and CHAMP are extending and formalizing their excellent relationship through this partnership agreement. I am proud that Japan Airlines has again entrusted CHAMP to provide the technology to support these exciting projects that will see the airline’s cargo business processes taken to the next level.”

“Working closely with CHAMP over the last few years, Japan Airlines has benefitted from strong levels of cooperation and flexibility from our partner,” said Hiroo Iwakoshi, Executive Officer Cargo & Mail at Japan Airlines. “CHAMP’s comprehensive understanding of the air cargo industry clearly contributed to the great results we have accomplished from our business transformation project thus far. We are confident this new phase will offer the same outcomes.”

Besides the acclaimed Cargospot cargo management application that manages the airline’s day-to-day business activities, Japan Airlines also operates CHAMP’s Business Intelligence tool, the ULD Manager asset management system, and the widely used Customs Gateway reporting system.

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