The company said that for the three month period up until December 31st 2021, its retail sales ‘continued to be constrained’ by the global semi-conductor shortage.

To combat this, the company has said that it has ‘proactively managed semi-conductor supplies’ to maximise production.

Retail sales for the Q4 2021 were 80,126 vehicles, which was down 13.6% (12.6k units) from the preceding Q3 2021, and 37.6% (48.3k units) from Q4 2020.

Retail sales were lower across all global regions compared to the preceding quarter, including China which saw a drop of 6.9%, Europe saw a 6.8% drop in sales, North America (-11.8%), UK (-24.3%), and Overseas saw a drop of a quarter at 25.4% loss in sales.

However, wholesale volumes were for Q4 2021 were 69,182 units and production volumes were 72,184 units in the period (both excluding China JV), up 8% and 41% respectively compared to the preceding Q3 2021. This increase reflects the beginning of an improved semi-conductor supply.