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LogiMAT 2023: Eurofork

The Italian company presents in LogiMAT the latest updates of ESMARTSHUTTLE.

Dillenburg, January 2023– Eurofork, thanks to his history and his worldwide spread, is recognized as a reference point for cutting-edge telescopic forks and pallet shuttle systems for the intra-logistics sector. 

In 2022 the company has decided to open a branch in Dillenburg, Germany to enhance responsiveness and the sales&after-sales service quality for companies in the whole DACH area. Today, Eurofork is proud to be on hand at the LogiMAT logistic trade show (April 25-27, 2023) to present the new updates of ESMARTSHUTTLE, the pallet shuttle solution designed to guarantee high-intensity and multi-reference storage in automated warehouses and production buffers where accurate and reliable 24/7 performance is required. 

Since more than twenty years Eurofork is a solution maker for system integrators, developing solutions to meet the latest market demands.

ESMARTSHUTTLE is the Eurofork pallet shuttle designed to meet these needs and every year its reliability and performance are improved to maximize the performance of the entire automatic warehouse, making it “the heart” of the automatic warehouse.

Created to work at high throughput and high intensity 24/7, thanks to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection system and extreme flexibility, it can operate both in greenfield and in brownfield.

Bolstered by its international patent, Eurofork pallet-shuttle is the best pallet shuttle system that guarantees absolute positioning of the machines and the destination of the loads.

Absolute positioning and intelligent software management increase warehouse automation and performance: up to two ESMARTSHUTTLE can operate on the same aisle, with multiple satellites each.

Every year Eurofork’s R&D department works to add value to our systems. Today, the ESMARTSHUTTLE allows significant energy savings, consuming 40% less energy than conventional pallet cranes while maintaining high performance.

Furthermore, through the use of AI and software implementation, ESMARTSHUTTLE can monitor eventual warehouse issues, even those that are not machine-dependent, and, in addition to recording and historicizing events, it takes corrective action to resolve them autonomously.

ESMARTSHUTTLE’s software has an embedded proprietary ticketing system that allows the operator and Eurofork technicians to be alerted immediately if the problem cannot be solved automatically, so that any action can be taken quickly.

Mehr Informationen unter: www.eurofork.com/de

Halle 3 | Stand 3B19

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