Logistics Manager July 2020 – materials handling, supply chain and big sheds – out now!

The July issue of Logistics Manager is out now in print, online as well as for the iPad and Android. Inside you’ll find a special report looking at healthcare and pharma supply chains, as well as a materials handling special focusing on AMRs, AGVs, reverse logistics and the latest issues affecting forklifts.

Cover Story: Special report on healthcare and pharma supply chains

Lifting the lid… Healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chains have been at the heart of the response to Covid-19, but what have they learnt in the past three months.

Materials Handling Special: AGVs and AMRs

Game-changers… Want to increase efficiencies and speed while removing the risk of human error in the warehouse? Then the right robot is waiting for you.

Materials Handling Special: Reverse Logistics

Maximising returns… Successful reverse logistics can promote customer loyalty, save on logistics costs and cut the environmental impact of waste.

Materials Handling Special: Forklift Repair & Maintenance

Thorough Examinations… Forklift fleet repair and maintenance is an essential part of a smooth running warehouse. We share the latest advice and guidance.

Materials Handling Special: Reach Trucks

Rising Above it All… Logistics practices are adapting to new challenges, and reach trucks are a reliable and responsive tool.

Property: Big Sheds

Rise of the Sheds... Logistics will drive the economy out of recession, and industrial and commercial property will be at the heart of that growth.

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