The June 2022 edition of Logistics Manager magazine is now available to read online!

Cover story: Supply cain slavery: We need to address slave labour in the modern supply chain
Many atrocities occur in the global supply chain which need to be addressed if we are to improve human rights across the world

Inside innovations: Robotics and automation: The robots are upon us
What are the latest technologies emerging in robotic technology in the warehouse?

Inside innovations: Wellbeing in the warehouse: The beating heart of the warehouse
The modern warehouse is an essential element of the supply chain. But just how essential is employee wellbeing?

Inside Innovations: Renewables in the warehouse: Renew your outlook
How are new technologies making the warehouse a sustainable powerhouse?

Automotive: Commercial Vehicles: Baby you can drive my truck
The self driving truck is here, but have we answered questions around driver safety, cost, and the environment?

Property: Big sheds: Where have all the good sheds gone?
What can occupiers and developers do to limit risk in a chaotic market?

And much more….