Multiple parcel companies join Palletways

Palletways UK has welcomed several parcel companies to its member network recently, as more companies are looking to diversify into haulage and palletised freight to widen service offerings and grow revenue.

Warwick Trimble, network director for Palletways UK said: “The UK saw a huge jump in e-commerce retail during the pandemic. We’ve seen the growing dominance and visibility of online retailers in our homes with the resulting increase in parcel companies to support demand.

“It’s a natural progression to move into heavy goods vehicles given both sectors are multi-drop with other similarities and transferrable skills.”

Palletways UK saw partnerships bloom with Darcica Logistics in Bicester, Prime Parcel Services (PPS) in Glasgow and Collect2Deliver in Kirkcaldy, with more parcel firms soon to join, to expand into palletised freight later this year.

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